MBC&S Basketball Team

Words from Carl H. Stevens (founder of MBC&S)

James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift comes from above. The Lord blesses individuals with certain gifts and talents for the purpose of using them for His glory. We are pleased to be able to offer collegiate athletics here at Maryland Bible College and Seminary, and want to encourage our students to use their talents for Christ. A call to participate on the athletic team is as sacred to God as a call to the mission field, and must be considered as such, that the plan of God be revealed. Thank you for your support of this program, and pray with us for its continual growth so that the vision of God in this area might be fulfilled.

Roster 2009-2010

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Head Coach:  Jim Pearce
Asst. Coach:  Angelo Laprade
Asst. Coach:  Chyress Knox

# 1   Alan     Carr      5'10"    Junior          Baltimore      MD
Greg     Moore     6' 2"    Junior          New London  CT
#11   Terry    Hosley    6' 2"    Senior          Baltimore      MD
#12   Ty       Burns     6' 0"    Junior          Baltimore      MD
#20   Nate     Wolford   6' 3"    Sophomore    Akron           OH
#21   Kevin    Taylor    6' 5"    Sophomore    Baltimore      MD
#32   Damien   Truesdale 6' 2"    Sophomore    Baltimore      MD
#33   Michael  Simon     6' 2"    Junior          Anahiem       CA

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