Our team has been active in the area of robotics, building several mini-sumo robots, developing electronic printed circuit boards and mechanical designs and software for them.

We have competed in several national and international competitions, both in Turkey and in Europe, ranking among the top 16 of 98 robots in the Vienna Robot Challenge 2014.

As part of our robotics projects, we are also working on a smart, autonomous vacuum cleaner and a self-driving drone, which we'll also be presenting in the competitions we are going to attend.

This year, we having developed our most agile, powerful and aware robot of all times and having the two other powerful and innovative robotics projects, we'll be attending the following competitions:
  • March 28-29        Yıldız Savaşları (Star Wars) 2015, İstanbul
  • April 11-12          RobotChallenge 2015, Vienna    
  • May 7-9              MEB Robotics Competition, Çanakkale
  • May                    National Robotics Days, İzmir

Robot by: Cem Ersöz
Type: Mini Sumo

Mr. Muscle
Robot by: Can Özdemir
Type: Mini Sumo

Robot by: KG, MK, , MCA

Robot by: <Names>
Type: Drone



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