Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a device that allows you to control a computer with your hands. It can sense hand, finger and pointable object (brush, pen etc.) movements in a virtual 3D space at over a rate of 200 frames per second with maximum sensitivity. We, as HisarCS, decided to introduce this device to our school by developing several applications and games controlled with Leap Motion. 

Leap Motion Gaming

A Leap Motion gaming machine is built and programmed and is currently used in our high school lobby. 

Programming: Bensu Sicim
  • The system has both multiplayer and single player games in it for students to have fun. All games are reachable with a main menu that can be controlled with circular motion of a finger. Gaming system is currently planned to consist of 4 games: Pong, Snake, Flappy Bird and Mole Mash. Pong game is completed while Flappy Bird and Snake are currently in development.
  • The code is written in Java using Leap Motion library. The library can be downloaded at Leap Motion Developers

Building and Electronics: Can ÖzdemirCem ErsözSelin Tülümen
  • The gaming machine is built using our schools old and unused computers
  • An old HP EliteBook Laptop was dissassembled and the screen and main board were seperated.
  • The screen was fixed on an old aluminum locker shelf. The electronics were fixed onto the otherside not to be seen.
  • The screen is connected to the electronics via a cable through the shelf.

Leap Motion Kiosk
The Leap Motion Kiosk is an information kiosk located near our CS Room. Information about our finished and ongoing projects and the day's event are displayed on an unused monitor. Observers can navigate using hand gestures via a Leap Motion Controller. 
We are also planning to add a weather data page with temperature and humidity information from our DHT11 sensors via an arduino pro-mini connected to our main computer via serial connection.
The electronics of the kiosk is quite simple. An old HP Laptop -almost in one piece this time- is connected to an unused monitor and uses it as its main display. A leap motion controller provides navigation and a DHT11-Arduino module is to provide weather information.

Leap Motion Maze
The Leap Motion Maze is designed to use the input from the Leap Motion in the physical world. In the project the the Leap Motion serves as the user interaction with the box labyrinth. The box labyrinth is connected to two servo motors on both of its axises. These servos are connected to an Arduino which plays the role of an interpreter. A python code running on the background of the project interprets the location of the hand within the sensors range. Using this location, the Arduino adjusts the tilt of the maze precisely. This experience creates a hands free gaming experience with gesture controls similar to the experience we have in our mobile devices. With the only exception of this being in the real world.

Coded by: Bensu Sicim, Mehmet Can Alaca
Mechanics by: Bensu Sicim, Mehmet Can Alaca, Cem Ersöz
Design by: Bensu Sicim, Mehmet Can Alaca, Selin Tülümen, Cem Ersöz, Aslı Demir and Ralfi Şalhon