Hisarcade is our retro arcade system to be used in our school, Hisar School -hence the name Hisarcade-. The device aims to bring back the old Arcade systems to our school, with improved game designs, controls and aestethics. The last iteration of the device is planned to have a coin acceptor to raise funds for the school's various community service projects.

We keep updating our Arcade with both cosmetic and technological updates. You can find more details about every version of our arcade by clicking on the version number below.


Initially the device was composed of:
  • 2 arduino boards, which control 
    • An encoder and 
    • 2 buttons  -user input or game controls-, 
  • computational unit that uses the input from the arduinos to run the game, this is currently a raspberry pi.
  • projector that projects the display onto a sheet of paper on top of the device. 
The encoders and buttons are connected to the arduinos via a custom-made circuit, featuring 10k pull-up resistors, ground and signal connections for each device.

We started using Cem's old Windows XP computer as the computational unit but then moved on to using a Raspberry Pi, due to its smaller footprint, less power consumption, accessible GPIO pins and its Debian-based OS. However, even Pong (our simplest game) could not run properly without overclocking the device to 1000mHz. We also faced severe overheating problems. We placed 5 fans of different radiuses and voltages to cool down both the raspberry pi and the projector and have managed to limit the tempereature of the Pi to a maximum of 50 degrees centigrate. However we still face an overheating issue due to the incandescent bulb in the projector and plan to replace it with an LCD display if the issue persists.

HisArcade image gallery will be posted below.