What is a "Drone"?
"Drone" is an alternative name for "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle". Drones are airborne vehicles that often come in the form of planes, helicopters or quadcopters, which are helicopters that are propelled by four rotors. Most are remote controlled, although some can be entirely autonomous. The latter depends on on board computers for piloting. Currently there are many teams in several universities dedicated to doing research on this topic. 

Our Drone

Our drone is a radio controlled quadcopter, though we are planning to make it either entirely or mostly autonomous by the end of the year. We first chose the electrical components that we were going to use and designed our drone accordingly, using 3D printer technology to produce the frame. This was done by our team members Cem Ersöz and Can Özdemir. While we constructed one of the two circuits used in the drone, we also used a Raspberry Pi, which is a pocket sized computer. 

Mehmet Can Alaca is currently in the process of writing the code for our drone. He is going to use the Python and Wiring programming languages.

We are hoping to compete in the Freestyle division of the RobotChallenge 2015 on April 9-10 and 11th, which will be held in Vienna, Austria.