"Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader"
Ms. Matino  
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This year our main focus will be teaching to the new  Common Core Standards.  These Standards place a major emphasis on:
  •     student independence
  •     strong content knowledge
  •     textual evidence
  •     close reading
  •     technology and digital media
  •     multicultural literature and understanding.

 Our second main focus/goal will be the New ELA Regents exam. Students need to pass this test in order to graduate high school.  This exam consists of three parts:  

  •     24 multiple-choice items and two writing prompts.  

 All items measure the Common Core English Language Arts standards as defined in the NYS p-12 Common Core Learning Standards.  

The major "shifts"(demanded by college and university members) are:  
  •     writing from sources using textual evidence, 
  •     literary nonfiction
  •     argument/persuasive writing.  

 Lessons and units in the 10th grade are aligned with this important exam.  

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