Ms. Mars

My name is Karen Mars, and I’ve been teaching in the Glens Falls District since 1990. If your child is enrolled in Studio Art, Beginning Pottery or Advanced Pottery then they will be spending a portion of their day with me. 

One of my first goals for your child is to provide them a safe, low stress environment that will foster the growth of their creativity and learning. We have a cooperative studio where all are to be treated equally and respectfully as well as expected to share opinions and learning experiences. Often students are helping each other with various skills, enforcing their own learning while helping and connecting with classmates.  Therefore, a balance of working with the materials, the development of creative thinking and the benefit of social connections at all grade levels can be accomplished.

The students in the Art room are never at the same level of learning so lessons are planned to challenge every student at every level. The first timer is shown the very basic skills while the more experienced student is given more options and expected to work at a higher level, developing their creativity. Grades are determined by how well the student follows directions, the quality of their work and the amount of growth/learning based on their individual abilities. More importantly, up to half of their grade is based on effort and how they spend their time. Students are always given extra time to complete class-work without being penalized and are asked to spend time outside of class.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments and need to reach me please send an email to or call the school at 792-6564. I am free each morning between 7:50 and 8:30 for phone calls or I can call you after school hours. I would be happy to send updates as often as you would like, just send the email for me to reply.

With hard work and a little fun I hope your child will end the year with a greater knowledge and appreciation for the Arts. 



    Posted Oct 4, 2017, 11:18 AM by Karen Mars
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