PLN Resources

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"Some educators are lucky enough to learn from their coworkers or colleagues at their site. Far too many others feel isolated in their room or office, and need to meet with counterparts from other sites in order to have a professional learning experience. All educators (and learners) can benefit from extending their own personal learning network online – beyond the walls of their schools, the boundaries of their districts, and the limits of their experience."~Dr. Mark Wagner

 PLN RESOURCES: The following resources are collaborative, community-based forums where educators share everything from best practices and lesson plans to public policies and new initiatives. 
Twitter - A founding father of the PLN - plethora of resources for your perusal!
Facebook - Not just for checking statuses anymore...check it out!
LinkedIn - Need an account to play
Edmodo Groups - Need to have Edmodo account - one of my favorite community sites!
PLN on Pinterest -  Pinterest for education is amazing!
The Educator's PLN - Facilitates connections between educators
Powerful Learning Practice - A professional development program for progressive-minded educators
Edchat - Encourages the ideas spawned on Twitter that translate to practical advice - Free online social network that lets educators connect with colleagues, collaborate on goals and projects, form their own professional learning communities, mentor one another, and practice using a slew of new technologies

PODCASTS:  I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly powerful podcasts are. I BEG you to start listening to just one (you will not be able to stop at one, but start at!) 
Here are some of my favorites: