Vision and Goals

Glens Falls City School District Educational Technology Mission Statement:

Technology will be used to enhance students' critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity through the use of technology --- thereby supporting the success of all. Students and staff are encouraged to view technology as a tool to research and utilize information, to solve problems, and to communicate effectively on a global scale.   
We believe that technology will not only have a positive impact on our students' overall performance, but can also provide a chance for both students and the greater school community to thrive and experience opportunities that may not have previously existed.

This necessary change to learning moves us from simply accepting the ideas of others to active learning experiences --- ones that open students up to inquiry, critique, and understanding --- leading us to a world of amazing creativity inhabited by responsible digital citizens empowered to make a positive impact, both locally and globally.

The Goals of the 1 to 1 Program Include:
  • Creating the opportunity for technology to help break down cultural and socioeconomic barriers, paving the way to greater equity for all students.
  • Developing students' skill and confidence in using technology as a tool to enhance learning in all aspects of their academic lives.
  • Providing students with worldly challenges and opportunities for global learning in the digital age while achieving the National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS).
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Research and Information Fluency
    • Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Technology Operations and Concepts
  • Enabling students to go beyond the standard of digital citizenship and become creative and problem-solving digital leaders.
  • Offering access to information anytime, anywhere as a built-in benefit of a mobile device.
  • Providing students the opportunity and flexibility to extend their learning environment as appropriate.
  • Expanding the scope of personalized learning and differentiated instruction.
  • Improving the home-to-school-to-community connection.

Why Chromebooks?

Why Chromebooks for every student?