Which device is being used in the 1:1 program? 
     The district has purchased the Samsung Chromebook 2 device.  

What if a student forgets their device or forgets to charge their device? 
     Students are expected to bring their fully charged device to school every single day.  If a student does not bring the device, the teacher may direct the student to do an alternate assignment.  If a student forgets to charge their device, there will be charging stations in the Library Media Centers. 

What if the device battery dies during school hours? 
    If students charge the device fully before school each day as they are expected to do, the battery will last throughout the entire day.  Remember that the use of technology in the classroom will be determined by the instructor, not the student.  If the device battery dies during the school day, there will be charging locations available to students. The Samsung Chromebook 2 has a listed battery life of 9 hours.

 What about theft, accidental damage, and accidental loss? 
    These items are all covered by our insurance plan. In the event of loss or theft, the incident should be reported to the district technology office immediately. In the event of theft an official police report will be required.
Will students be provided with cases for the device?
     All Students are being provided with a protective carrying case. The case is designed to always stay on the device. 
What happens if my child’s device breaks?
     The district has purchased insurance to cover any non intentional breaks or losses. In the event of damage students should notify a teacher so that a claim can be filed with the insurance provider. Student found issuing intentional damage to devices may be responsible for repairs from damage.
How do I connect the device to a home network?
     Here are device-specific instructions on connecting to a home network: Connecting a Chromebook to a network.
How do I print from the Chromebook?
     To print at home, your printer must be Cloud Print enabled.              Here are instructions on connecting your home printer to Google Cloud  Print: Connecting a printer to Google Cloud Print.

     Chromebooks will be issued with cloud printing to building printers enabled so that students can print to those printers regardless of their location.
What if I do not have internet access at home?
     Students are still able to do some of their schoolwork without an internet connection by enabling offline docs, but internet connectivity is often needed for online collaboration and research. 

     The district is working with local community businesses and organizations that offer free wireless internet access. Some of these locations can be found on the map here.

 If my child is using a school-issued device does that mean that the district will be monitoring their use at home?
     Yes. Through the use of the "GoGuardian" software connected to all student Chromebook district is able to filter internet activity that takes place on this device, regardless of the students location. 

    Students are expected to follow the Glens Falls City School District Acceptable Use Policy at all times when using school issued devices. 
 Will faculty or staff have access to the webcam on the device?
     No.  Faculty and staff will not have access to remote control of the student device.


Glens Falls 1:1 Initiative Question and Concern Form

How GFSD uses Chromebooks in the 7-12 Classroom:

How GFSD uses Chromebooks in the K-6 Classroom:

How can I access my child's GFSD account?
     All Glens Falls City School District students have a Google Apps for education account that is accessed by using their GFSD username and password. We encourage all parents to know their child's account login information, so please obtain and record this information from your child.

     Parent and guardian access to student Google login information can be obtained by contacting the District Technology Office.  (518) 832-4453

     Please note that you do not need your child's Chromebook to access their Google account.  You can simply open a web browser on any device with internet access to        access your child's email, calendars, and files:  
 How will issues of unacceptable use be handled?
     In the same way that they are now. Infractions of the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy are considered a discipline violation and handled accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

     Most tech-related behavior violations are equivalent to “traditional” classroom violations: 
  • Leaving your device at home is equivalent to leaving your textbook or school supplies at home.
  • Cutting and pasting without citing sources or putting it into your own words is equivalent to plagiarism.
  • Cyber-bullying is equivalent to bullying or harassment.
  • Damaging or defacing the device or charger is equivalent to vandalism or property damage.
Are students allowed to install their own apps?
     Yes. Students should be installing apps for school.  Any installed apps should be approved by a teacher or parent. Also keep in mind the district does block what it deems unacceptable apps.

What should we do if the Chromebook has been stolen?
     The family must report a stolen device to the police and then turn in the police report to the school. The Device tracking will then be activated and the device rendered unusable.

What is the procedure to return the device if my student withdraws from school mid-year?
     Students should bring the case, charger and device to their school buildings main office where they will be given a "return receipt" and inspected for damage.

Will the students return the devices at the end of the year?
    Students will return the case, charger, and device at the end of the year similar to how they return textbooks. The same device will be issued to students again the following year. Students are expected to return devices in good working condition relative to usage and proper care.

Can students put stickers or other objects on the devices/cases to help make them more identifiable?
    Stickers are allowed on the outside of Chromebooks but they must not leave behind any residue. Stickers must be removed at the end of the year when devices are turned in. At that time devices will be checked for residue as a part of year end inspection.
    Cases will be issued with identification cards located on the case. Chromebooks will also be tagged with a district sticker cataloging the name of the student for whom the device has been issued.