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1 to 1 Program Overview

The term one-to-one is applied to programs that provide all students in a school or district with their own laptop, netbook, tablet computer, or other mobile computing device. One-to-one refers to one computer for every student.*

Since the 2015-2016 school year, every student in grades 7 through 12 has received a Chromebook provided by the school district. 

We, as a district, are proud to provide this access to our students. We believe the opportunity for each student to have his or her own device will result in an overall enhanced educational experience, better student organizational skills and an expansion of learning and sharing beyond the walls of the traditional classroom. We believe this experience will better prepare our students for both college and careers in the 21st century.

The district has purchased the Samsung Chromebook 2. The dimensions for this device are 0.7” height, 11.4” width, and 8.2” depth with a 13.3 inch diagonal screen. Every student-issued Chromebook will come with an "always-on" case for protection and increased durability.

We look forward to the potential that this technology will provide to our students and our instructional program. 

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