Upcoming Events

meeting dates are scheduled as:
 January 11th
  March 15th
  May 10th
  June 14th
All meetings are held in the HS Library at 7pm.
We hope to see you at the meetings!!!

NYS PTA Membership

Your membership to our organization helps us to continue to support students in the best way possible. We encourage you to sign up and appreciate your willingness to do so. 
Online membership available. To sign up at your convenience please click the link below. This link does accept credit card payments. Thank you.

The cost of membership is $6.00

Not a Member???

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Where do you fit in??
  We would love to see more people at our meetings. They are held every other month in the HS Library.
    Former PTA parents: If you were involved when they were young, you will want to see how it all ends. 
    New Parents: If you were not involved when they were young, then now is the best time. They will remember what you did for them and that you cared enough to jump in. 
    Staff: If you're a staff member with kids and want to know if there is a way to help your fellow parents, please join us. And those without kids, that's okay. We are here to make your school a nice place and your help is crucial. 
    The meetings take just under an hour and you will learn of any fundraising options we will be hosting and how you can help. 
Your time is NOW!!


Only 5 Hats left!!!!!

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