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Web Site Links


Grammar Blast!
Have a blast with Grammar Blast! Answer 10 questions and earn up to 100 game points.

Periods, Question Marks and Exclamations
Practice fixing the sentence. Figure out what punctuation is needed to correct the sentence.

Skills Practice 


AAA Math
This web site has math games and how to's for several different math concepts.

A Plus Math
This web site includes several different kinds of games. One game has flash cards to help with multiplication facts.

Beat the Clock Decimals
On this web site students can play a game against the clock and practice their decimals.

Cool Math For Kids
This web site will help you learn the steps of how to do division, multiplication and much more!

Students can practice decimal math facts on this web site.

Practice fractions with this fun Pizza Party game.

Use this web site to practice measuring inches and centimeters.

Number Patterns
Help Mr. Cracker obtain the secret code before Professor Soup catches him


Animal Adaptations
Play this fun animal adaptations game. Match the adaptations with the animal before your time runs out!

Classify the Animal
Classify each animal as mammal, reptile, fish, or an amphibian.

Food Chain
See if you can build a food chain on this web site. Also you can see what happens if one of the links is missing in the food chain

Frog's Life Cycle
Learn about the Frog's life cycle. on this web site. You can also take a quiz to test your knowledge.

Rotation and Revolution Quiz
Test your knowledge on the rotation and revolution of the Earth

Science Videos 

The Water Cycle Quiz
Test your knowledge on the Water Cycle. Take this quiz and check you answers at the end.

Weather Wise
Are you weather wise? Take this quiz to see if you are weather wise. You can check your answers at the end of the quiz

Social Studies 

The Capital Building
Watch for information on this field trip

The Erie Canal
Find out what the Erie Canal was on this web site.

The Erie Canal History
This web site will give you the history of the Erie Canal.

The Locks for the Erie Canal
On this web site you can find out how the locks on the Erie Canal worked

Time for Kids
Browse through Time For Kids online! Lots of great articles and fun activities.

Multiplication Games
Use this web site for extra practice with your multiplication facts.