Mr. Clevenger

Hello boys and girls, my name is Walt Clevenger and I’m a motivational teacher!

     I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and familiarize you with my teaching philosophy, and the expectations that I have for your daughter/son. This is my 18th year teaching English at Glens Falls High School. Prior to teaching at Glens Falls, I developed 11th grade English Regents curriculum, designed for Alternative Education courses, and taught both 11th and 9th grade English at The Myers Center B.O.C.E.S. in Saratoga Springs  N.Y. In addition to classroom instruction at Glens Falls, I regularly tutor students in need, in all disciplines, and teach summer school in Hudson Falls, N.Y.

My instructional philosophy is grounded in the fact that I truly enjoy teaching, and my ultimate goal is to provide prominent instructional techniques and methods that will insure that your son or daughter's academic and social development is of the highest quality, and that they are prepared for life in the 21st century.

In regards to my expectations, my goal is that students advance their academic skills and grow as young adults. I will be doing all that is possible and in my power to assist them, but it is ultimately their responsibility; they must be willing to do the hard work necessary to take the next step in their academic growth. Parents can also help their son or daughter in this learning experience.

Whenever I meet with parents, they often ask "what can I do to help?" My response to them is to help their son/daughter stay organized and manage their time carefully. Establish a regular work time for students to complete homework and study. See that your son/daughter attends class regularly. Poor or irregular attendance is a key reason for failure. Also, it is a good measure to encourage them to join a club, team, or activity. Research shows that participation in after-school activities has a positive effect on overall achievement and attitude towards school as well as connecting students to an adult, and encouraging new friendships. Parents are also encouraged to check their son/daughter's assignments and grades at this site to check on their work and to determine their progress.

If your daughter/son is experiencing difficulties of any kind I need to know so I can support your efforts for their success.  Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any concerns via phone 518-792-6564 ext 4218 or e-mail I will always respond within 24 hours.

Glens Falls High School is an exciting place for your son/daughter to learn and grow. I look forward to working with you and your student, and I am looking forward to a great year!


Walter Clevenger 
N.Y.S. Cert. English 7-12
M.S. Curriculum and Instruction
C.A.S. Educational Leadership
N.Y.S. Cert. School  Building Leader


Work Phone

518-792-6564 ext. 4218

Office Location

 Room 218

Office Hours

Mon. - Fri. 8:25 - 3:05


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