Mrs. Kristy Brennan

Welcome to our classroom-Grades K-4!
As a teacher my mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that enhances students’ self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning.  Every classroom presents a unique community of learners that vary by ability and learning styles.  My goal as an educator is to give each student the tools needed to construct their own knowledge and to become successful life-long learners. I believe in differentiating instruction to meet the various needs of all learners.  I believe in setting clear goals and expectations for not only my students, but for myself as a teacher.  I believe in strong communication between home and school.  Parent involvement is vital to student success.
In the classroom, I am assisted by Miss Blake, Mrs. Hastings, and Mrs. Callan.  I am pleased to work with a great staff who are extremely dedicated to helping our students be successful in their learning environment!
My classroom goals for this year
  • Increase overall independence with activities of daily living

  • Integrate the use of more technology into the program

  • Teach strategies to improve self-regulation and emotional control

Methods of Communication

  • Each student has a communication notebook that goes back and forth between home and school

  • email:

  • phone: 792-2619
  • Remind
  • Twitter: @brennankristy1
  • Instagram: mrsbrennanbc

Join us for the Annual Walk for a Difference on May 5th!