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Volunteer Opportunities

"When I first started this organization back in 2006, I hoped we would have an impact on individuals with disabilities....and I believe we're doing that.  But what I didn't anticipate was the impact we'd have on the able-bodied community.  Over and over again, it's been amazing to  witness some truly life-changing things happen to our community of volunteers."

   Mike Lenhart
   Founder and President

Volunteering for G2T and Partner training events
We couldn't do these events without the help of our wonderful volunteers. There are a large number of areas for volunteering. See the sample list below and choose what areas you'd like to help out at one of the events this year!

Please visit camp-specific sites below to check out volunteer opportunities:

2013 National Paratriathlon Training Camp (Charlotte, NC) JUNE 7-9

Typical Volunteer Roles (depending on location):

  • ParaTriathlete Handler/Assistance
  • Amputee Run Clinics
  • Amputee Swim Clinics (Swim Mentor)
  • Amputee Cycling Clinics
  • Racing Wheelchair Clinics
  • Handcycle Clinics
  • Wheelchair Athlete Swim Clinics (Swim Mentor)
  • Visually Impaired Athletes’ Clinics
  • Special Programs (Seminars)
  • Athlete Smart Book Development
  • Athlete Smart Book Review (Saturday)
  • Camp Operations
  • Camp Logistics
  • Camp Hospitality
  • Camp Photography and Media
  • Starting Line Kick-off Mixer
  • Day 1 evening "open night" host
  • Day 2 evening dinner and awards program
  • Day 3 afternoon Finish Line Luncheon