Ettrick Elementary PTO

Our Mission:  The Ettrick Elementary School PTO is a nonprofit parent/teacher organization, which includes all parents, legal guardians and staff at Ettrick Elementary School. The PTO’s mission is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff of the Ettrick Elementary School. Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every child while aiding them in achieving their highest potential.

The PTO sponsors assistance to teachers in classroom setting, holds fund-raisers for supplemental educational materials and experiences, supports school and family social interaction, and provides a non-biased forum for sharing information on issues that impact our children.

It is our belief that the team effort of a parent teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for our children.
2018-2019 Ettrick Elementary PTO Officers

Co-Presidents:    Val Erickson - Julie Deeren
Secretary:               Danielle Tamke/Sue Guenther
Treasurer:               Jeanette Dooley

PTO Fundraiser Opportunities

G-E-T Ettrick Elementary School – PTO is selling GIFT CARDS!

Help our school raise money without selling pizzas, candles or candy. . .

The PTO is selling GIFT CARDS, also know as Scrip cards. Scrip is a national fundraising program only for nonprofit organizations. PTO families will have the opportunity to do their regular weekly shopping with gift cards purchased through scrip instead of cash or checks. With each purchase of a gift card through Scrip our PTO will earn cash rebates that can quickly add up. Thank you to all who continue to participate in the Scrip program either by placing orders with our monthly order or purchasing cards on hand at school.

Scrip is a powerful fundraising tool because as a PTO family, you can generate revenue for the PTO through purchases you would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts; even gasoline can be purchased with Scrip.

We have a Scrip card program that has increased every year since it’s beginning. In the 2012-2013 school year, we ordered and sold over $19,000 in cards and raised over $900 to assist with PTO projects!  All of these funds have helped us to make some major purchases and sponsor events for our school. With the help of all parents, these projects can be very successful.

Payment must accompany order.
Please make check payable to: Ettrick Elementary PTO
Orders returned APPROXIMATELY 1 week from due date.

Order forms can be picked up at Ettrick Elementary

View the Current list of cards on hand at school below:

***  Ettrick Elementary PTO Scrip cards on hand ***

Join us!

Did you know that as a parent or guardian of an Ettrick Elementary student you are automatically a member of the PTO? With our hectic schedules it is sometimes hard to find the time to help out. That’s why we appreciate the time you took to complete the volunteer forms.

The PTO has developed the following committees that you are welcome to join or take part in:   Fundraising, Activities, Communication, and Teacher support.

General Ettrick Elementary PTO meetings are held monthly during the school year. All parents and guardians of Ettrick Elementary students and all staff at Ettrick Elementary School are invited and encouraged to attend the general PTO meetings.

All PTO meetings are posted on the District Web Calendar and held the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:30pm, unless specified otherwise. We will try to provide childcare during those meetings.

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

Monday, September 17, 6:30 pm

Monday, October 8, 5:30 pm

Monday, November 12, 5:30 pm

Monday, December , 5:30 pm

Monday, January , 5:30 pm

Monday, February , 5:30 pm

Monday, March , 5:30 pm

Monday, April  5:30 pm

Monday, May , 5:30 pm

Upcoming Events

Turn trash into $$$$!

Listed below are ongoing fundraiser opportunities. Students may bring these items to school at any time and place in the bin in the entryway. For more information, click on the appropriate link.

Send your sorted Campbell labelsBox Tops for Education

We are always collecting box tops and labels for education. Please send them to school with your child and they can put them in the bin by the office.

Another FREE Fundraising opportunity! Anyone with a Smartphone can help, just by snapping a picture of your receipt!

Download the App, USE REFERRAL CODE trun5006.
Snap a picture of your receipts, from ANY store. Some receipts entries into the monthly sweepstakes for cash. Some earn our school FREE Money! Review the program at If you don't have a Smartphone, send your receipts to school, we'll snap them for you!

Receipts must be submitted within 14 days, so make a habit to submit them right away!!