finally, an email address people can remember




copyright 2006

Do you have a funky email address that looks something like Do you hate telling people your email because it is impossible to remember?  

Wouldn't it be nice just to say "hey, email me.. my email is bob at Get a hold of"  Yes,, that simple!  No more funky email addresses!  Woohoo! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you do this? 

I got tired of funky email addresses for some of my family and friends.  I think this is a great way to allow them to either forward or host their email at a nice, easy to remember email address.   

Keep in mind.. emailing me if you don't know me won't do any good.  :)  

Can I get my own email address here?

Do you know me?  If  not, then no.. sorry, i just don't have time to attend to the requests. If you really want to have an email here and i don't know you, but you  are willing to pay me for my time, we could talk! 

How can I sign up?

 Just email me with the name you are interested in.  I will get it set up and you are done!  

What if I want to continue to get email at my current location?

If you prefer, you can just have your new email address forward to your current email account.  (in case you don't want to switch). Just let me know in the request and also tell me where to forward the email to.. that easy.

What sort of email program is this?

Have you ever heard of GMail?  Google now allows people to host their email with them. So, this gives you a legitimate google account, with your username you choose here, and two gigabytes of storage!  Wow!