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Software Patterns

The Software Patterns Management Briefing , published in 1996, was an early articulation of the principles, values, and practices behind the pattern discipline. Still timeless today, it is organized around a body of dozens of example patterns. It covers a wide range of topics ranging from pattern forms, to pattern languages, to the history of software patterns, and pattern ethics.

The book was well-received when it first came out. I worked hard to socialize the book with the Hillside Group to capture the broadly held foundations of the pattern discipline. Most Hillside members agreed that it captured the spirit of the early and emerging directions of software patterns. It was well-received in the press, too, garnering the Best New Book of 1996 Award from the Journal of Object-Oriented Programming.

The briefing was written for an inexpert audience. No prior knowledge, either of patterns or of software, is necessary to appreciate the principles highlighted in this briefing. I find it to be an excellent first-time introduction to patterns for the curious, and a good overview that helps provide context even for practitioners who have been using patterns for some time.

As I am in the process of considering the sequel, and as the publisher no longer distributes this work, I decided to make the work publically available. Download it as a PDF file. A table of contents and index are included. And enjoy.

(The manuscript is in Adobe® PDF. You can get a free download of Adobe Acrobat® Reader for most platforms.)

Many thanks to Joe Bergin for scanning in the original document!

Gertrud Bjørnvig,
Mar 15, 2008, 4:16 PM