The book that defined a generation of C++ designers
One of the top two books of 1998 - read this review and this one too. 
Darren Wesemann tells how this book propelled SunGard's success.

The first software pattern book

The follow-up
You can read the introduction in Japanese.

See a Symbian interview with me entitled "The Agile Heart," from September 2007.

Free! Now $150...Organizational patterns management report from Cutter!
But see also here. Free.

Cope is a Senior Agile Coach, software developer, and Systems Architect working at G&C. He is a well-known industry speaker, author, and innovator. His past work has included architecture, design, and implementation in the EDA industry, as well as leading positions in academics, Bell Labs Research, in telecom R&D, and in international consultancy. He is a Visiting Professor of Computer Science at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. and was the 2003-2004 Vloebergh Professor of Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussel . He is a retired member of the Software and Systems Research Center at Bell Laboratories, where he was a founding member of The Software Production Research Department. He is a Member Emeritus of the Hillside Group and is a member of Hillside Europe, groups of industry software designers committed to studying the applicability of software patterns. He served as Project Expert on the IST 1999-14191 EasyComp Project in the European Union.

He has a BSECE from the UW College of Engineering, a MSCS from UW Computer Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit Brussel . He has a short bio on-line.

Publications: Cope's newest book, co-authored with Neil Harrison, is Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development. The book has already received strong accolades from Grady Booch, Linda Rising, Luke Hohmann, and others. He is author of Multi-Paradigm Design for C++ and of Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms (see also local info). His book on Software Patterns was named Best New Book of 1996 by JOOP. He co-edited Pattern Languages of Program Design (volume 1) in which he wrote a chapter on organizational and process patterns. He helped edit Volume 2, too. His bibliography has many more pointers to on-line documents and book information.

Cope used to be a regular columnist for the C++ Report. Cope looks at the future of OO. These days he's occasionally a blogger on the Artima web site.

Patterns: Sample patterns; Charles Weir and Linda Rising's index of patterns prior to 2001. The Software Patterns Mangaement Briefing is now on-line for free downloading! Telecom patterns. Follow the collaborative effort to build a combined organizational pattern language using the ThoughtsWeaver system, a WikiWikiClone. Read about the Nature of Order, Alexander's new work.

Talks and Conferences:   VikingPLoP; Japanese translations of talks and papers presented and published in Japan!; SugarLoafPLoP; KoalaPLoP '2000; Universitaet Wien; JACC; TOOLS Europe; OO 2000; EuroPLoP '97 Pictures!! EuroPLoP '01; VikingPLoP!!!; OOPSLA. Cope was program chair of OOPSLA'96 (technical program) and was on the program committee of COOTS/97 and lots of other conferences whose web pages have vanished.

Collecting carpets, 'Questing and genealogy are Cope's favorite hobbies.