This site serves as a resource for Germantown staff who are looking for ideas to maintain an optimal learning environment through the use of sensory activities.  The purpose is to provide well-researched and effective ideas to help you recognize and facilitate sensory strategies that can be used in your classroom or with a specific student to make them more available for learning.

We are currently looking to collect and curate all district and online resources on this site.  If you have ideas or resources you can share, please contact Kathy Kaebisch at

If you are a member of the Autism or Assistive Technology Team and would like assistance in managing content for this site, please contact Scott Oftedahl at

Disclaimer:This website and its contents are designed to provide a positive learning experience for your students.  If at anytime, your students react negatively to the input, the activity should be stopped.  NO ACTIVITY SHOULD BE FORCED ON A CHILD.  If you have any questions regarding sensory activities or ideas for your students, please feel free to contact the OT who is in your building.