About The Germantown School District Way in Wisconsin

The Germantown School District is undertaking an aggressive approach to developing standards, curriculum, assessments, and experiences, reflecting a community working to balance quality traditions and values that align with new skills to better shape our students' future.

Better articulation of our purpose

We are simply clarifying our vision of how our modern, comprehensive, systematic schools will do business.
  • Board Directive (includes video, Superintendent's presentation, BOE remarks about staff work)
  • Board policies to consider: 2120, 2131, 2131.01, 2210, 2210A, 2210C, 2220 - Link to GSD Policies

Thoughtful consideration of available resources

We believe we can learn from the success of other education systems, and will use multiple measures of learning to guide our decisions:
  • Finnish Model
  • South Korean Model
  • Canada's Framework Guide
  • CCSS
  • TIMMS & PISA studies, NAEP, International measures of student achievement
  • Glossary of Education Terms and Acronyms

Evidence of past, current and future work

We already work toward these aims, and will continue to use research-based resources to promote and enhance learning opportunities in a modern, systemic, and comprehensive manner:
  • Education Summit Version 1.0
  • Current Tactical Plan
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Technology Plan