Chrome Check Up

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Do you have a healthy relationship with Chrome? Do you hear your colleagues rave about the benefits of using Chrome, but you don’t understand why they think it’s so great? It might be time to schedule a Chrome checkup! During this appointment we will check out your bookmark bar to make sure you have everything on there you need to keep you at the top of your game. We’ll check to make sure you know how to create favicons, apps, and folders. We will also take a look at some apps and extensions. You will leave this session with a happy and healthy browser!

If you learn something today that is really exciting, please use the hashtags #gafesummit and/or #OneNewThing on Twitter and Google+ to share it with others. Include me as well so I can connect with you! @BethStill

Tasks for Today
  • What is Chrome? 
  • Signing into Chrome vs. Signing into Google (link data) 
  • Log off (Disconnect your Google account) on public computer 
  • Bookmark bar (show/hide) 
  • Create bookmarks
  • Folder and subfolders
  • Move/delete bookmarks
  • Pin tabs
  • Add apps and extensions
My favorite extensions include the Google Earth view, Tab Scissors and Tab Glue, Googlifier and the ColorPic Eyedropper.

What are your favorite apps or extensions? Add them here

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