Introduction & Summary

The World is Open.  This book by Curtis Bonk details the integration, development, progress, and future expectations of technology and much more.  It provides readers with an expansive and yet rather detailed look into the integration of technology in many different areas of education, whether corporate, K-12, postsecondary, government, formal and informal, etc.  Bonk delivers this message using narratives which document real-world application of the principles of open, free, accessible, and high quality functional hardware and software.  He also provides research study data bolstering the narratives with potent and convincing empirical data.  The last technique employed by Bonk is the “WE-ALL-LEARN” mnemonic which is a framework for those seeking to integrate educational technology into any informational arena.

As a result, the reader is provided with a well-woven and demonstrated academic ‘show and tell’ where not only does Bonk tell the reader about what technologies and opportunities exists in regards to technology and education, but he does further to show the reader how effectively and helpfully technology can be in terms of education.  To interlace facts, examples, research, personal narrative, and anecdotes, so well together, readers understand that not only is Dr. Curtis Bonk a true leader, pioneer, advocate, and expert in his field, but he is an accomplished and skilled writer also.

Charles Hampton,
Jul 8, 2013, 4:35 PM