Classroom Application

Mobile devices are for more than just staying connected to email and Twitter, they can provide a new way to engage while instructing. There are applications to do everything from simply changing slides in a PowerPoint presentation to making an iPad a virtual interactive whiteboard.

Here we highlight those applications that are being tested and used in classrooms at Georgia Southern. For information on how you can use any of the applications listed here please submit the form related to each.

    This application for iPad connects your device to the classroom computer over the network, giving you not only ability to advance slides but fully mirrors the computer screen to the iPad giving you full mouse control and best of all the ability to annotate over anything and save those annotations along with many other powerful features.  Doceri is currently in its second semester of use in the Russell Union Theatre by Dr. Donald Rakestraw with another faculty member to soon be joining in use in other classrooms across campus. The following is a brief video provided by the creators of Doceri.



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