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  • technical details / code of a project that are not appropriate for a published paper,
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Technical Reports
Number Title (files in PDF format) Author(s)
2014-002Robert Katic, Colton Magnant, Pouria Salehi Nowbandegani
Ono-Dimensional Wave Equations Defined by Fractal LaplaciansJohn Fun-Choi Chan, Sze-Man Ngai, Alexander Teplyaev
2012-001 Boxes, pans and cans: a Diophantine approach to optimization Vincent Coll, Jeremy Davis, Martin Hall, Colton Magnant and Hua Wang
2010-001 Spectral Asymptotics of Laplacians Associated to One-Dimensional Iterated Functions Systems with Overlaps Measures Sze-man Ngai
2008-001 Multifractal Structure of Noncompactly Supported Infinite Measures Sze-man Ngai
2008-002 Convergence of Local Variational Spline Interpolation Scott Kersey
2008-003 When Is the Isbell Topology a Group Topology? Szymon Dolecki and Frédéric Mynard
2007-001 Optimal Bivariate Ranked Set Sample Design for the Matched Pairs Sign Test Hani M. Samawi and Mavis Pararai
2007-002 Inference on Overlapping Coefficients in Two Exponential Populations Using Ranked Set Sampling Hani M. Samawi and Mohammad F. Al-Saleh
2007-003 The Matched Pairs Sign Test Using Bivariate Ranked Set Sampling Hani M. Samawi, Mohammad F. Al-Saleh and Obaid Al-Saidy
2007-004 Optimal Sign Test for One Sample Bivariate Location Model Using an Alternative Bivariate Ranked Set Sample Hani M. Samawi, Mohammad Al-Haj Ebrahem, Noha Al-Zubaidin, and Walid Abu-Dayyeh
2007-005 Singularity and L2-Dimension of Self-Similar Measures Sze-man Ngai
2007-006 Variational Refinement I: Optimality Conditions and Applications Scott N. Kersey
2007-007 Variational Refinement II: Smoothness Conditions Scott N. Kersey
2007-008 Variational Refinement III: An Abstract Formulation Scott N. Kersey
2007-009 Phenotype Spaces Frédéric Mynard and Gavin Seal
2006-002 Minimal Discrete Energy Problems and Numerical Integration on Compact Sets in Euclidean Spaces Steven Damelin and Viktor Maymeskul
2006-003 On the Support of the Equilibrium Measure for Arcs of the Unit Circle and for Real Intervals David Benko, Steven Damelin and Peter Dragnev
2006-004 Energy Estimates and the Weyl Criterion on Compact Homogeneous Manifolds Steven Damelin, J. Levesley, X. Sun
2006-005 The Cardinality of Sets of k-Independent Vectors over Finite Fields Steven Damelin, Grzegorz Michalski, Gary Mullen
2006-006 Measure of Non-Compactness for Filters in the Approach Setting Frédéric Mynard
2006-007 Controllability, Observability and Realizability Inna Smith
2006-008 Inequality Approach in Topological Categories Szymon Dolecki and Frédéric Mynard
2006-009 Reflective Classes of Sequentially Based Convergences, Sequential Continuity and Sequence-Rich Filters Szymon Dolecki, Francis Jordan and Frédéric Mynard
2005-001 Unified Characterization of Exponential Objects in TOP, PRTOP and PARATOP Frédéric Mynard
2005-002 Closure Spaces and Characterizations of Filters in Terms of Their Stone Images Anh Tran Mynard and Frédéric Mynard
2005-003 Normal and Half-Normal Probability Plots Charles W. Champ and Minal A. Vora
2005-004 Compactoid Relations and Product Theorems Frédéric Mynard
2005-005 Finite Products of Filters that Are Compact Relative to a Class of Filters Francis Jordan, Iwo Labuda and Frédéric Mynard
2004-001 Compatible Relations on Filters and Stability of Local Topological Properties Under Supremum and Product Francis Jordan and Frédéric Mynard
2004-002 An Introduction to Compactoidness Frédéric Mynard
2004-003 Double Sampling Hotelling’s T2 Charts C.W. Champ and Francisco Aparisi
2004-004 differentiability as continuity David Gauld and Frédéric Mynard
2002-001 The Design and Performance of Phase I Control Charts for Times Between Events L.A. Jones and C.W. Champ
2002-002 Software Components and Enterprise JavaBeans G. Huband
2002-003 Fundamental Theory of Control of Systems Involving a Kronecker Product of Matrices K.N. Murty and D.W. Fausett
2002-005 On Reptiles and Self-Affine Tiles in R2 with Connected Interiors [Printable Version] or [Adobe View Only] S. Ngai and T. Tang
2002-006 Comparison of Standard and Individual Limits Phase I Shewhart X, 

R, and S Charts

C.W. Champ and S. Chou
2002-008 Inequalities and Bounds for Kernel Length-Biased Density Estimation B.O. Oluyede
2002-010 Computational Origami: Reexamining and Old Problem F.R. Gibson and J.M. Huband