Dr. Lance McBrayer
Curator of Herpetology
Graduate Program Coordinator
Interim Dean of Faculty & Research Programs

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Research in my lab focuses on the ecology and evolution of lizards. My research integrates morphological, ecological, and behavioral analyses to understand how organisms cope with ecological challenges and how key traits evolve. Research projects in my lab general focus on traits related to locomotion and feeding.

I serve as the graduate program director for the MS in Biology program in the Department of Biology at Georgia Southern.  I am the contact person for questions or instructions during the application process, or if you have any problems or questions while going through our program.  The program has been highly successful having placed graduates in industry, government, and all types of graduate and professional programs.

I am also the curator of our herpetology collection. This is the second largest collection of its kind in the  state and is a valuable scientific and public resource.