Campus Recreation & Intramurals at Georgia Southern University is proud to offer a 4-day youth archery training camp.  Campers will have the opportunity to live on campus or commute, utilize the campus recreation facilities and meet other archers from the Southeast.  This camp is designed to build upon the archers knowledge and skills that have been taught and practiced in their respective 4-H or JOAD programs. Campers will receive instruction on form, shooting, fundamentals, mental focus, and much more that competitive archers must learn.  

We are pleased to have some of the best coaches in the southeast with Carl Greene, Jim Pruitte, John Kristoff Jim White providing the lead instruction for this camp.  All are level 4 and 5 instructors respectively in the United States Archery Association certification program and each provide years of coaching experience.  

Both intermediate and experienced archers currently and regularly involved in JOAD and 4-H programs should sign up for this camp.  The camp is limited to 25 participants.





Previous and up and coming 7th - 12th grade students

Recreation Activity Center on the campus of Georgia Southern University (Indoor and Outdoor)

Wednesday, July 15 - Saturday, July 18, 2015

$460 (Overnight)
$385 (Commuters)

Online here