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Training Materials

We are pleased to share our training presentations and handouts with all GSU faculty, staff, and students.  Please understand that these presentations are not replacements for attending training sessions - they are often mere outlines designed to keep our presenters on track or just overviews to introduce the topic or concepts.  Most of the learning in our sessions comes from hands-on practice and participant questions and sharing of strategies or solutions. 

For those who attended the training, these presentations help serve as a reminder of the basic ideas behind the tools.  Faculty & staff that wish to teach their peers or students about Google Apps can use these materials to introduce the tools.



Each presentation is embedded below, and can be played directly from this page.  You can display each presentation in full-screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen icon in each presentation's control panel.  Look for the icon: 

You can also download copies in PPTX or PDF format by using the gear icon to pull up a menu of options.

Google Docs

Learn how to create, upload and share Google Docs - documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms.  See how you can work collaboratively in real-time with colleagues, students, and other Docs users!   

Google Docs for Educators

Google Sites

Participants will learn how to create collaborative websites using Google Sites a free website creation system included in GSUs Google Apps suite. Training will focus on creating pages, formatting, inserting media, customizing look and feel, and sharing with others.

Google Sites for Educators