Graduating? Moving? Got two tickets to paradise? We're sad to see you go, but understand that sometimes life takes you to new places and new beginnings. We have come up with a guide we feel will meet your needs as you prepare to depart from Georgia Southern. 

If you are a Faculty or Staff member your account will be terminated shortly after your departure from Georgia Southern. This guide will help you with your transition period and will save you time, energy, and stress. 


As an Alumni, you are given your email address for life. This is done so that when applying for jobs former students can keep a professional email address (instead of: and retains your access to your Google services that you've grown to love.   

Sad Eagle is sad to see you go. :'-(

Downloading your data with Google Takeout

As a part of their Data Liberation project, Google has made it easy for you to download all of your Google(Georgia Southern) data like:
  • All of your Google+ +1's.
  • Blogger profile.
  • Buzz data
  • Contacts
  • Goggles 
  • Google+ Data
    • Circles(You can also transfer them to a new account.)
    • Pages
    • Stream                                                                                                                             
  • Hangouts/Chat data
  • Latitude
  • Profile
  • Reader
  • Voice
  • Youtube
All of the exporting is accomplished by using Google's own service, Google Takeout. Google Takeout is free to use and will download an archive of the above listed data to your computer for storing.

Porting Georgia Southern email to another Google account

Google also provides a service called Mail Fetcher that allows you to take your data from one of your Gmail accounts(Georgia Southern email is Gmail) and port it to another Gmail account in a few simple steps. This way provides a simple way done completely with little user input and done the job well. 

Porting Georgia Southern email to another non Google account

Google does not have an official service for porting emails from your Gmail account to another service(e.g: Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail) but YippyMove provides a paid service($15) to move your Gmail email to another non Google account. 

Sharing and Transferring Ownership of Google Drive documents

It is important that your data is given to the people still at the university if you are working or collaborating on a project. Using this guide here, you will be able to move ownership of your documents and folders to another member of the university or another Google user.