With Google Sites, you and your team can easily build and publish internal web sites. With Google Sites you can build a site uses all sorts of methods. From simple text and images to full scale HTML sites with tons of custom content. All is possible though sites!

Let's get started!

Now that you've got an idea on what Google Sites is, it's time to begin building your own! Please head over to our webpage on Getting Started with Sites.

Basic Editing and Settings

Sites is all about what you make it. So to make sure you've got a good understanding of how to edit your site, please head over to our webpage on Basic Editing and settings.

Editing Page Settings and Inserting media

Embedding media with Google Sites is quite easy. With a few clicks you'll have full presentations and YouTube videos directly on your site. Check out our guide on Editing Page Settings and Inserting Media

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are for users that may want a bit more from their Google Site and don't mind getting their hands dirty. If you want to see the back end of some things be sure to check out our guide on advanced settings.