Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world due to its speed, efficiency, security, syncing ability, and apps.  If you aren't using chrome yet, download it now for free!

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Benefits of Chrome

Speed: Google Chrome is best known for speed. It is the fastest browser in terms on launch, rendering, and consistent despite having many extensions installed.  Watch Video

Security: The safest browser is currently Google Chrome and Google takes security seriously and they paid up to $1 million for exploits. It is a continuing process to improve their product and bounties are still offered. Watch Video

Sync:  One of the best services that Google offers is the ability to sync between the browser, smart-phones, and tablets. You can sync your extensions, bookmarks, contacts, web history, form history, usernames, passwords, and themes. You can also sync all of your apps with Google Chrome too! Watch Video

Extensions:  The Chrome WebStore offers thousands of extensions to improve the functionality and experience of Google Chrome. They also help boost productivity and can make tasks more efficient and streamlined. Watch Video