With Google Calendar, you can schedule meetings and events with your coworkers, just as in your old calendar application. 

Google Calendar can help you stay up to date on all of your events that you have planned and more. It integrates easily and can handle invitations, guests, email reminders, repeated events, and more.

Let's get started
Now that you've got an idea on what exactly Google Calendar is let's get you up and running on your own personal calendar  Check out the getting started guide here.

A bit more advanced
Here are some small bits that may help you stay more up to speed with your calendar and how to use it more efficiently.  
  • Calendars can be shared so multiple people can build a calendar together. Check out the guide here
  • There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts you can use to zip around your calendar quickly. Check em here.
  • Quick add is awesome and will understand and make an appointment for you, well, quickly! You can evoke it using the arrow next to create!
    • For Example: "Meet with Daniel about Google Sites on Tuesday at 2 pm at El Sombrero" will create an event named "Meet with Daniel about Google Sites at El Sombrero" with the time and date "Tuesday at 2pm" and the location "El Sombrero"
  • If you're on the go, this Google Chrome app will let you how to take your calendar offline to use on the go! Download it here!