Your Georgia Southern University Google accounts work like regular Google accounts and provide you with access to many more services than before.  These services are governed under their own terms of service, and these terms only apply to the additional services, not your core services (Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Docs), which will continue to operate under the original agreements for Georgia Southern University.

Logging In

You can access additional services from Google Apps link bar.  This bar is located at the top left corner of any Google Apps application page (mail, calendar, docs, etc).  Click on More > then Even More.  On the following page, you will see a list of all Google Services.  Only select services are active, and they are detailed below.

Available Services

We will be enabling and highlighting services in the coming months on a fairly regular basis. Before we enable services to our 30,000 users, we want to ensure that the services work as intended and that there are no bugs or hiccups. Thus, each service is being investigated for its overall impact on the institution.

Please keep in mind that we provide MINIMAL support for these services and that they are not covered under our regular license with Google - they are offered as-is and are entirely optional. 

Web Apps

  • Blogger - create your own free blog in minutes
  • iGoogle (Retired in 2013) 
  • Panoramio - post or explore beautiful images of the world - in the location the images were taken
  • Picnik - (Retired in 2013)
  • YouTube - the premier video hosting site. Now you can create your own Georgia Southern based account

Search & Services

  • Books - Search the full text of books, and purchase eBooks for any device
  • Scholar - Search scholarly papers 
  • Maps* - View maps and directions 
  • News* - Search thousands of news stories 
  • Finance* - Business info, news and interactive charts 
  • Fusion Tables* - visualize your data immediately
*external link


Do You Want to Know More?

If you need help or have further questions, you can either go to our Contact Page or go to Google Apps Support page. They have extensive documentation.