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Import Class Rosters

If you would like to quickly create contact group from your GA View class rosters, follow the directions below.

Step 1: Export Roster to CSV file

First you need to get your class roster information into a Comma Separated Values file (CSV).  If you are using a different Course management system, look for commands or tools that will let you export your class list or roster into a CSV format.  In either case, steps 2-3 are the same regardless of the source of your CSV file.

Note:  Please click the images below for a larger view.
  1. Log into your page
  2. Click on the link in the Attendance Verification box (top middle)

  3. Next to the appropriate class, click on Export Roster.

  4. Save the file to a place where you can easily find it for Steps 2-3 below.

Step 2: Create a Contact Group in your Gmail

  1. In Gmail, click on the red Mail word at the top left and choose Contacts
  2. At the bottom of the left hand list of groups, click New Group...
  3. Name your Class Group and click OK
  4. Click on the new Group in the list

Step 3: Copy/Paste Emails into Group

Next, you need to import the roster into your Gmail contact group.
  1. Open the CSV file you downloaded
  2. Select all of the email addresses and Copy
  3. Switch back to Gmail to your new, empty group
  4. Click on the Add to Group Icon at the top.  It looks like a person with a + sign.
  5. Paste the list of emails into the box provided.
  6. Your new contacts should be listed in the group list.