RIOS Research Lab (GSU - Electrical and Computer Engineering- Carruth Building room 1002)

Welcome to Georgia Southern University's Robotics and Intelligent Operation Systems (RIOS) Lab home page. Here you can see research projects we are working on. There are also details on the robotics competitions we are preparing for.The Robotics Lab is located in the Carruth Building room 1002. Any one interested in learning about robots is welcome.For information contact Dr. Alba at or Dr. Rios at

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Outreach activities

Testing the ROV in the pool

Team 2 ROV

Team 1 ROV


HS students and parents visit RIOS lab

CEIT Research Symposium

April 2018

IEEE SouthEastCon Robotic Competition

CEIT Research Symposium

April 2018


Intelligent Solar Charged Robot

Intelligent Solar Charged Robot


2016 GSU Team

2016 GSU winner Robot

2014 Robotic Competition

Firefighting robot and RoboWaiter robotIEEE SouthEastCon

2014 IEEE SouthEastCon robotic competition

2010 GSU Lawnmower (ION autonomous lawnmower competition)