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John Henry

These links lead to an animated Disney short about the legend of John Henry, from slavery to folk hero, and features an introduction by James Earl Jones:


Johnny Appleseed

This site provides an overview of Johnny Appleseed's story plus many apple-themed activities, focusing on everything from basic math to geography:

This page features links to over 30 activities, unit plans, and web quests about apples and Johnny Appleseed:


Davy Crockett

This site provides a biography of Crockett and several coloring, mapping activities and quizzes: 

This site is part of the Activated Story Theatre program.  Students can listen to the troupe perform a play based on Crockett's life and also read along on the page:


Paul Bunyan

This site allows students to navigate through Bunyan's story with fun illustrations and also provides links to the Paul Bunyan Trail so students can see real photos of the setting of the folk tale:

Here students can listen to the story of Paul Bunyan thanks to Voice of America:


Annie Oakley

This PBS site provides a timeline of Oakley's life and career:

Here students can view a video produced by PBS's America Experience about Oakley: