HCR-Selected Letters

The nearly 400 letters to and from Henry Crabb Robinson (1775-1867) [hereafter HCR] in this collection were transcribed by Dr. Timothy Whelan can be found in numerous libraries and collections in England and America; a few are from the Crabb Robinson Archive, Dr. Williams's Library, London. Among some of the largest sets of letters published here are those that passed between Robinson and a group of prominent women with whom he had close friendships that, in some cases, lasted for decades. Among these women correspondents are Mary Wordsworth, Mary Hays, Maria Denman, Elizabeth Jesser Reid, Lady Byron, and Burdett Coutts. The archival locations and shelfmarks are affixed to each letter. Locating, imaging, and transcribing these letters was made possible by a Franklin Travel Grant, provided by the American Philosophical Library, Philadelphia, in 2013. My thanks as well to Dr. James Vigus, Senior Lecturer in English, Queen Mary University of London, who assisted in the transcription of several of these letters and whose knowledge of German and Italian was essential in transcribing many additional letters.


1795-1800                         1821-1825                             1846-1850

1801-1805                         1826-1830                             1851-1855

1806-1810                         1831-1835                          1856-1860

1811-1815                         1836-1840                          1861-1866

1816-1820                         1841-1845                          Undated Letters