What is this strange hobby? Fighting model warships?!!

But that is not the end! The ponds we play in are shallow enough to wade out and retrieve the ships. We water-proof the electronics and can patch the holes with small pieces of airplane silk-span. Even sunken ships can be made ready to battle again in only 30 minutes.
International Radio-Controlled Warship Combat Inc (IRCWCC) is a national club of people who build 1:144 scale radio-controlled (R/C) models of WWI and WWII warships. We outfit them with pumps, install home-made BB cannons in the turrets, and sail out in fleets to do battle, Allied vs. Axis!  The fleets maneuver around each other, firing BB's and poking holes in the other fleet's ships, AND...
  You can see more in the club's Video Page below:

MWCI on YouTube

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This is my current ship:
HMS Empress of India

Pictures and information on my other ships, with photos of their construction and components.

The local Statesboro-Savannah captains

The national club website. Best place to learn more and see everything going on.

Website for captains in the FL, GA, and NC/SC region.

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