Slides of the talks

Program (all activities will happen in Room 217):
10:00-1:30   Registration 
1:30-1:40        Opening by Yan Wu, Vice Chair for Research
Session 1, moderated by Ahmed Zayed
1:40-2:30        Vladimir Temlyakov slides of the talk
2:40-3:00            Coffee break
3:00-3:50         Scott Kersey slides of the talk
4:00-5:00        Poster session
8:45-9:00        Conference photo
Session 2, moderated by Kirill Kopotun
9:00-9:50        Yuliya Babenko slides of the talk
10:00-10:20          Coffee break
10:20-11:10   Ahmed Zayed slides of the talk
11:20-11:50      Maxim Derevyagin slides of the talk
12:00-1:20     Lunch break
An afternoon in Honor of Yingkang Hu
1:20-1:40         Opening by Martha Abell, Dean of the College of Mathematics and Science  
Session 3, moderated by Vladimir Temlyakov
1:40-2:30  Dany Leviatan (Yingkang Hu Memorial Lecture) slides of the talk
2:40-3:00 Coffee break
3:00-3:50  Igor Shevchuk slides of the talk
4:00-4:50     Kirill Kopotun slides of the talk
5:30-8:00      Conference dinner
Session 4, moderated by Sergey Tikhonov
9:00-9:50        Andriy Prymak slides of the talk
10:00-10:20         Coffee break
10:20-11:10    Shahaf Nitzan
11:20-12:10  Yuriy Kryakin  slides of the talk
12:10-1:50         Lunch break
Session 5, moderated by Igor Shevchuk
1:50-2:40        Wolodymyr Madych slides of the talk
2:40-3:00          Coffee break
3:00-3:50        Olga Holtz slides of the talk
4:00-4:50        Women in Math Panel. Case to study
Session 6, moderated by Andriy Prymak
9:00-9:50        Doron Lubinsky slides of the talk
10:00-10:30        Alexey Solyanik  slides of the talk
10:30-10:50 Coffee break
Session 7, moderated by Yuriy Kryakin
10:50-11:40 Dmitry Dmytryshyn   slides of the talk
11:50-12:40  Sergey Tikhonov
12:50-13:00 Closing