PHAROS Printer Queues and Models

Welcome to h.Print for Students!
We are very excited to bring you updated print devices across campus summer 2014.

Besides replacing the aging monochrome printers, we have added color copiers to better serve you and expanded availability to more than 50 devices across campus.

We have also made it easier to print by creating just 2 print queues which you can install on your computer which will allow you to print to any student print device across the Main campus.

Printer Queues*

Choose your operating system below to have the monochrome and color queues installed on your computer automatically.   
You will need to run the Windows .exe or Mac .pkg to complete the installation.

Automated Printer Installers

Main Campus (Including SCS Downtown)
*For SNHS, you need to install additional queues listed below.

h.Print Student Printer and Copier Locations

Use your GOCard or Mobile GOCard from Usher Identity to release jobs at any of the following locations.

Please use the chart below to learn about the different device features at the student h.print locations.

 Building    LocationResidents Only Monochrome Color Print Copy Scan Email
Car Barn 2nd Floor Hallway 
 Near Room 205
 X X   
Car Barn Graduate Student Lab Room 410Grad Students X X   
Copley Hall Study Room
 Room G-10
XX X   
Dahlgren Memorial Library BACC Lower Level* XXX   
Dahlgren Memorial Library Main Level* XXXXXX
Darnall Hall MezzanineXX X   
Harbin Hall LobbyXX X   
Healy Hall Bioethics Library
 Room 102
 X X   
ICC Room 218 X X   
ICC 1st Floor Hallway XXXXXX
ICC 2nd Floor Hallway X X   
Lauinger Library Gelardin
 1st Floor
Lauinger Library 2nd Floor* XXXXXX
Lauinger Library 3rd Floor* XXXXXX
Lauinger Library 4th Floor X X   
Lauinger Library 5th Floor X XXXX
Leavey Center Sellinger Lounge
 1st Floor 
LXR Hall LoungeXX X   
McCarthy Hall Printer Room
 Room M-108 
XX X   
New South LobbyXX X   
New South Healey Stud. Ctr.
 Ground Floor East
 X X X X X
Old North McCourt School
 Room G-02
 X X   
Reiss Science Blommer Library
 Room 302
Reynolds Hall Printer Room
 Room R-148
XX X   
School of Continuing Studies C2 End of Hall
  X X X X X X
School of Continuing Studies C2 Library  X X X X X X
St. Mary's Hall 24x7 Lab
 Room G-02
 X X   
St. Mary's Hall Service Desk
 Room G-37
 X X   
Village C East Lounge
 Room 200
XX X   
Village C West
 Room 500
XX X   

*Lauinger Library has 4 Devices on the 3rd floor, 2 on the second floor, and 2 on the first floor.

*Dahlgren Library has 7 Devices on Ground Floor and 3 in BACC.  There are no color copiers in DML.

*Blommer has 2 color copiers.
*Healey Family Student Center has a device at both ends of the large hall.

Printing and Copying Rates
Here are the current rates for printing and copying on h.print devices.

  Single Sided (Simplex) Double Sided (Duplex)
 Monochrome   $.10 $.025 a side*
 Color $.20 $.20 a side

*Note: Jobs with an uneven number of pages are reported by Windows and Macintosh, the last page is charged at the Simplex rate.
Ex: 1 page monochrome duplex job = $.10.
Ex: 2 page monochrome duplex job = $.05.
Ex: 3 page monochrome duplex job = $.15 (.05 for the double sided page and .10 for single sided page 3.)

Additional Printers
The following are not currently a part of the h.print program or are reserved for users of a specific school or program.

SNHS Manual Installation of Printers
  • Download the Xerox Driver.  See the chart below to identify your printer.
  • Mac users should use the Generic Postscript Driver
  • Here are detailed installation instructions for SNHS locations

Download: Xerox Global Print Driver for Windows

Mac users should use the Generic Postscript Driver


Queue Name

Printer Type


Nursing and Health Studies 

    STM G-01

Xerox B&W Printer
Xerox Global Print Driver for Windows