Technology Services for New Students

Welcome New Hoyas!

Whether you scanned a code with your smart phone, found us through a search engine, or typed in this address from a post card we mailed you, you have reached the New Student page.

What is this Page?

The following documents provided by University Information Services (UIS) should help answer your questions about technology at Georgetown and provide helpful resources.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption, we have provided electronic versions of many reference materials we had printed in years past.

Note:  Please see New to Georgetown for technology services and resources common to students, faculty, and staff.

Student Technology Resources

  • MyAccess: Manage your student and financial records and register for classes. 

  • Blackboard: Access the system that instructors use for communication tools, sharing course materials, and other academic resources. 
  • Hardware and Software: Did you know that you can get Microsoft Office 365 and Symantec Endpoint Protection for your Mac or PC for $0?  Learn about Georgetown-supported configurations and discounts on software and hardware offered through Georgetown University. 
  • Securing your Technology:  Not only is it a good idea to have anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer, it is imperative that you enable automatic updates for your system and ensure that you don't leave your technology unattended.  Keeping your residence locked and securing your computer with a cable lock can help. 
For an overview on other technology- and computer-related services, see the applicable guide below.