Enterprise File Sharing Services (Standard and Enhanced)

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS) services is network attached storage that is accessible through your desktop/laptop computer or a UIS managed host located within the UIS Laurel Data Center.

For more details about the EFS service, see the UIS Enterprise File Sharing Services Web page

Does My Department Need EFS Space? 
Your department may want to consider obtaining EFS if it needs to:

  • Provide collaborative departmental file sharing (i.e. mapped drive)
  • Provide personal file space for your department staff
  • Use programs that require access to a central data store
  • Provide storage for applications running within the Laurel Data Center
Obtaining EFS Space
Two offerings are available:
  • S-EFS: 2 GB minimum with 2 GB increments
  • E-EFS: 250 GB minimum with any increments

Once purchased, each department must designate primary and backup staff members to serve as data administrators. The data administrators manages access to the EFS share.


Getting Help
Click here to access the online EFS Request Form, or send e-mail to sm-cram@georgetown.edu for additional assistance.