Student Issues

Summer school has many unique features that may be challenging for students. The shortened term along with the large portion of visiting students may translate into issues that you have not experienced in previous fall or spring semesters. We are here to help you if you ever encounter a problem with a student, but this page may be a good resource in case you have questions.

Student Attendance Issues:
If a student fails to attend class during the first week, please notify us so we can follow up with the student and either drop him/her from your class or otherwise resolve the issue.

Because of the compressed nature of summer sessions, if a student misses one class, it may be difficult to catch up or stay on top of the work. We encourage you to enforce attendance policies and limit the number of permissible absences. It helps if your syllabus has a clear attendance policy outlined. Students should understand how their final grade will be affected by excessive or unexcused absences. In the case of illness or other emergencies that require a student to miss significant class time, please notify us immediately. Please refrain from advising students on dropping or withdrawing from your class without consulting with us or the Academic Calendar for the deadlines for dropping and withdrawing. We cannot honor any requests to drop or withdraw that are the result of incorrect information from an instructor.

Student Disability Issues:
All summer students have access to disability support services, offered through the university's division of Student Affairs. If a student approaches you about a disability issue, you should refer him or her to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) on campus. We also encourage you to provide all students with information related to ARC and the services available to them via your course syllabus. Please see the Syllabus Checklist on the Requirements for your Summer Course page for more information.

Student Health Issues:
All summer students have access to the Student Health Center on campus and they should go there for for an examination if they feel they may be sick. If a student has health issues that requires them to leave campus or miss several classes, you may assign the student an Incomplete until he/she makes up the missing material. A Request for an Incomplete form must be completed and submitted to us for review and approval. All incompletes for the summer term must be resolved and assigned a final grade by November 30th. Please see the Final Exams and Grading page for further information on how to submit these grades.

Student Honor Code Violations:
All summer students must abide by the Academic Honor Code. Any violations of this code, including cheating and plagiarism, must be reported immediately to the Honor Council.Please note that final grades cannot be submitted for any student suspected of violating the Honor Code until the adjudication process has completed. If you are unsure of whether a student has violated the honor code, you may contact the Assistant Dean of Summer School, Caitlin Huntley, to discuss the matter further.