Requirements for Your Summer Course

It is our expectation that as a summer faculty member, your course will meet the requirements of all Georgetown SCS courses in its content and administration. The specific requirements we expect your class to meet are as follows:

Course Contact Hours- All summer courses should meet the same requirements as courses that meet in the fall or spring semesters. We expect that all summer courses will meet the minimum of 37.5 for a 3-credit course. Failure to meet the minimum contact hours can affect university accreditation.

Course Content- We also expect the course content to be consistent with that of the fall and spring courses. Course titles and course descriptions should not vary significantly in the summer semester from the fall and spring semesters. Failure to maintain consistency in course content may affect transferability of course credits and/or applicability towards a degree.

Syllabi- All courses must have a syllabus distributed to students. We expect that all syllabi will conform with the requirements set forth in the SCS Teaching Handbook. All summer faculty are responsible for posting their syllabi into Explore. Instructions for how to do this are located on the Preparing for your Summer Class or Program page. You may also find the Syllabus Checklist (page 28 of the SCS Teaching Handbook) to be a helpful resource when creating your summer syllabi.

Class Attendance and Reporting- We expect that attendance will be taken at every class. We also expect that you will outline your attendance policy in your syllabus and thoroughly explained to your students on the first day of class. Be sure to also explain this policy to anyone who adds into your class late. Furthermore, we expect that any student who is registered but not attending class on a frequent basis will be reported to us for further inquiry. Likewise, we expect that any student who attends class but is not registered is also reported to us.

Advising Students- We expect that you will contact us immediately with any issues that require student advising. All deans and advisors are available during the summer months to meet with students and discuss any issues that may affect their studies or their success here at Georgetown. Furthermore, we expect that you will not advise students on add/drop or withdrawal deadlines without first consulting with the Summer School and/or the Summer School Academic Calendar.

Office Hours and Communication with Students- All summer professors should provide students with their office hours and location, or another means of communicating with them throughout the session. We expect that all summer faculty will be available to respond to students' inquiries and requests for assistance in a timely manner. We recommend that you use your Georgetown email address for all email correspondence, or forward your Georgetown email to another frequently checked email address, so that no communication is missed.

Student Honor Code Violations- We expect that any student honor code violations be reported to the Honor Council immediately. Please see the Student Issues page for more detailed instructions on how to report an honor code violation.

Final Grades- We expect that all final grades will be recorded using MyAccess in a timely manner. Please see the Final Exams and Grading page for grading deadlines and relevant policies.

If you have any questions or concerns about these expectations, please contact us.