Payroll Policies and Procedures

Your primary classification at the university will determine how often you will be paid. If you are normally paid on a bi-weekly basis, you will receive all summer payments on a bi-weekly basis as well. Because we do not have access to view details regarding your primary position, if you are a bi-weekly paid employee, you should alert us to this when you sign your contract.

You may view the university’s payroll calendar online for exact pay dates.

FAQ’s regarding Payroll:

Q: I signed up for direct deposit, but I just closed that account. What do I do?

A: If you sign up for direct deposit and the account closes before you can change the account number, you will be issued a paper check the following week. You will be notified by email and provided instructions on how and where to pick up your check.

Q: How can I view the hours that have been recorded for me?

A: If you are an hourly employee paid on a bi-weekly basis, you can view the number of hours that have been submitted for you online through GMS, Georgetown Management System. Login with your netID and password and click All About Me to view everything from your pay history to your benefits.

Q: I am an hourly employee, what if the number of hours recorded for me is incorrect?

A: If you feel that the number of hours recorded for you are incorrect, you should contact your supervisor in your primary department and provide the pay period and the number of hours that you see recorded in GMS. You may be required to provide a copy or a screenshot of this record. If the hours are incorrect, your primary department will be responsible for processing a General Payroll Form (GPF) to correct the pay and/or hours recorded.

Q: What if I work for another department in addition to my work at SCS?

A: Your pay from Georgetown will be in one payment, either via paper paycheck or direct deposit. Your home department is responsible for submitting your timesheets if you are an hourly employee and for picking up your paycheck if you do not have direct deposit. Be sure to inform all of your supervisors of any additional positions you will be working this summer. Even if you are not working at multiple positions at the same time, having multiple positions may affect how your hours and pay are processed.

Q: I do not have direct deposit, so how do I get my paycheck?

A: When paper paychecks arrive at SCS, we will notify you that they are in and ask that you either provide a current mailing address or agree to pick it up at our main office located at 3307 M Street, suite 202. If we do not receive a response within a week, the check will be mailed via USPS mail to the address on file.