These are suggested readings.  This list will be added to and revised as the Working Group on Slavery, Memory & Reconciliation moves forward with its charge.

Working Group Pamphlet

"What We Know: Georgetown University and Slavery." Distributed November 30, 2015. 

Overview Materials
Collins, David. "Georgetown, Jesuits, Slaveholding." The Hoya February 9, 2015. Web.

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Quallen, Matthew. "Slavery Inextricably Tied to Georgetown's Growth." The Hoya October 23, 2015. Web. 

Quallen, Matthew. "Slavery's Remnants, Buried and Overlooked." The Hoya September 11, 2015. Web.

We invite you to explore the Georgetown Slavery Archive, a digital repository created by the Working Group to provide access to original documentary material on Georgetown's historical relationship with slavery.

Recommended Reading

Beckett, Edward. S.J. "Listening to Our History: Inculturation and Jesuit Slaveholding." Studies in the Spirituality of Jesuits 28/5 (November 1996): 1-48. 

Berlin, Ira. "American Slavery in History and Memory and the Search for Social Justice." The Journal of American History 90 (2004): 1251-1268.

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Menzie Lesko, Kathleen, Valerie Babb, and Carroll R. Gibbs. Black Georgetown Remembered: A History of Its Black Community From the Founding of "The Town of George" in 1751 to the Present Day. Washington, DC: Georgetown UP, 2016. 
  • Preface and Chapter 1 recommended 
  • Please click here for details on the event celebrating the book's 25th anniversary

Murphy, Thomas, S.J. Jesuit Slaveholding in Maryland, 1717-1838. Studies in African American History and Culture. New York: Routledge, 2001. 

Wilder, Craig Steven.  Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2013.
  • For a review of Ebony and Ivy in the New York Times, click here.
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