Welcome to the web site for the Georgetown University Working Group on Slavery, Memory & Reconciliation.  

This fall, President John J. DeGioia asked the University community to come together to reflect upon our University’s history and involvement in the institution of slavery. He convened the Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation to help guide this process.  Specifically, the Working Group’s charge is to:

  • Make recommendations on how best to acknowledge and recognize Georgetown’s historical relationship with the institution of slavery
  • Examine and interpret the history of certain sites on our campus (for example, the previously-named Mulledy and McSherry buildings)
  • Convene events and opportunities for dialogue on these issues. 

We’ve been meeting regularly to carry out this work, engaging the perspectives of those in our community as well as historical texts and analysis to deepen our understanding of the issues at hand. 

Community engagement and collaboration is at the heart of this process.  We invite you to use this web site to learn more about the history we’re examining and our work – and to share your perspectives and input to this process.

We thank you for your interest and commitment to understanding, truth, and reconciliation within the Georgetown University community.


We invite you to explore the Georgetown Slavery Archive, a digital repository created by the Working Group to provide access to original documentary material on Georgetown's historical relationship with slavery.