The Strategic Innovations Group (SIG) is a new initiative within Georgetown University’s School of Nursing & Health Studies. We aspire to create a culture of innovation, driving new ideas and technologies to dramatically improve healthcare, and developing the next generation of innovative leaders for the healthcare industry. Innovation is an essential element of improving the healthcare industry’s quality, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. We want to be a catalyst to drive the change!


The SIG’s mission is to foster a culture of innovation and a creative environment to drive new solutions and develop leaders to address significant challenges facing health organizations in industry, not-for-profit, government and public sectors.


The SIG is a vibrant, agile and future-focused innovation engine dedicated to driving new ideas, programs, and partnerships to address the health industry’s most challenging problems--with focus on results and a passion for impact.

Our SIG is guided by the overall vision and mission of the School of Nursing & Health Studies, as it strives to be a catalyst for health and social justice through education, scholarship and action. Our initial focus areas for 2017-2018 are centered on “Improving Veterans Healthcare”, and “Mental Health Innovations”.

We utilize a multidisciplinary approach that combines our deep capabilities in nursing education and leadership development, scholarship, and program development with the SIG’s external network of innovative commercial, government and nonprofit relationships and organizations, to tackle healthcare’s most pressing challenges and opportunities


  • Industry research and best-practices demonstrate that dedicating an organizational entity exclusively focusing on innovation leads to significantly more effective results in creating new, successful innovations.
  • Interdisciplinary teams and approaches lead to the most disruptive and effective innovations to meet complex challenges.
  • Academic environments create opportunities to drive innovation through cross-industry partnerships, government and non-profit collaborations, and faculty-student initiatives incentivized for interdisciplinary problem solving.
  • The Georgetown School of Nursing & Health Studies, located in our nation's capital is well-positioned to harness and leverage the full resources of the university and our unique community to incentivize innovation.