Population Health Educational Offerings at Georgetown

List of Classes Related to Population Health Offered Across GU 
The Population Health Initiative (PHI) aims to connect Georgetown students across all campuses with courses that enable them to explore population health in their respective fields of study. This comprehensive course list identifies all the courses related to population health that are available to undergraduate, graduate, medical, and/or law students. 
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Undergraduate: Minor in Public Health
This minor approaches health from an interdisciplinary perspective to promote the health and well being of all individuals. The minor will draw from the existing expertise of faculty in human science, nursing, international health, and health systems administration. The establishment of this minor supports the efforts of the Institute of Medicine, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and Healthy People 2020 to educate undergraduates on public health issues. The minor provides a core of knowledge that will prepare the student for further study and scholarship in the field. The minor presupposes foundational content in human biology or language of health and disease.
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Undergraduate: Minor in Environmental and Occupational Health
This minor allows interested undergraduate students to build a concentration of courses to explore the ways in which environmental and occupational exposures impact human health and to apply the fundamental of developing, implementing and assessing preventive interventions. Students will analyse human health issues at the community level and will apply principles of prevention in preparation for entry level in occupational and environmental health practice as well as for further graduate work in public health, medicine, environmental management, industrial hygiene, and related fields. 
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UndergraduateMinor In Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
The minor in Health Promotion will provide students with an understanding of the variety of contributing factors to healthful functioning and is appropriate for those students interested in fields such as health science education, health science policy and public health.
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School of Medicine: Population Health Scholar Track 
The Population Health Scholar Track is a comprehensive, longitudinal curriculum in population health, which includes additional training experiences and a rigorous outcomes-based scholarly project. The goal of the track is to give students the knowledge and skills to apply population health principles to clinical practice and contribute to the improvement of the health of individuals, communities, and populations. Future physicians need to be trained in population health to address the challenges of reducing the cost and improving the quality of health care in order to improve outcomes and reduce disparities. 
For more information, please visit the Population Health Scholar Track website: https://som.georgetown.edu/academics/phst